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ICC is from Nurses for Nurses

A project to protect Nurses in profession, working abroad and for their future as high qualified workers. The project started in 2017 when many nurses reported irregularities carried out by some agencies; shady processes and unexpected expenses that people in the recruitment business are taking from them; another issue is the standard of teachings in the language schools in the Philippines.


Support, supervision and development of management programs for German language schools and sources of information, programs and materials for language learners.
ICC started in 2017 as it became known that many nurses who already work in Germany often have problems with their employers, have changed the conditions of work from their contract agreement or the nurses go to Germany under false promises.

There are many complaints heard and negative postings about their situations;
Read down to a common denominator:


The nurses in the Philippines get too little information on how the process works in Germany.

How the German system works or which employers are to be preferred:

  • What is a union?
  • What is a collective agreement?
  • What are the rights and obligations of an employee/employers
  • etc.


Another truth is that many of these nurses in Germany are in distress and in need of help. It happens now and could happen more in the future. This is where the ICC Germany comes into play. Through the membership of ICC a help should be given here.

An ICC club was founded next to ICC as an institute. Everyone can become a member. In addition to sponsorship and voluntary membership; a “silver membership” is important for nurses.

In Germany, an ICC branch is temporarily settled in Munich and will soon become an independent organization. The membership provides the basics in Germany; the nurses, for example, get legal advice for all emergencies.

ICC Germany will

  • Review employers and create profiles.
  • Do research on behalf of ICC Philippines.
  • Offer coaching and counseling for all life situations to the nurses.
  • Participation in Philippine cultural events and organize its own events.
  • Provide a forum of exchange and network with the nurses.
  • Gives advice to employers and help with application and resettlement.
  • Helps with administrative procedures and forms.
  • Networking with other Philippine organizations.
  • Collaboration with the Association of Filipino Nurses in Germany.
  • and more


Claire Chua – Managing Director

The founder of ICC, Ms. Claire Chua took a nursing degree in the Philippines and has worked in many international organizations and companies like Microsoft, Education Consulting Associates and have done some risk management projects thus she knows the perspectives of one and the other sides. As the first Managing Director of IICC Manpower Consulting and as the President of the ICC Institute, she will be guiding the organization. From Nurses for Nurses. Ms. Claire Chua lives with her children in Manila and runs the institute.

Institute for International Cultural Collaboration
IICC Manpower Consultancy
No. 9 Unit 303 Catalina Building, New York St.
Cubao Quezon City 1111
Landline +63 (0) 2 917-7361
Smart: +63 918 525 4802
Globe: +63 947 070 6847