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German Language School Supervision


We certify schools, with one to five STARS so students will know what learning quality they get.

German language schools are an important building block for many people who want to follow the dreams of working in Germany. Many of these schools have emerged as a result of the lack of specialists and the reports in the media.
A laudable initiative; but many of these schools of the German language simply started as a project of entrepreneurs. They were looking for someone who already possesses German skills, at least a bit, hire him and build up a curriculum from the most diverse sources.

But the standard is high, and in the end there is an examination in which the candidate has to face committee, that follows a completely different standard. This is what they call a fatal management error in the schools, which accounts for approximately 70% of the pupils failing in the language tests.

In addition, the students hardly have the money for the school and often have to work alongside the school. Some always go into a full-time job, “accumulate savings” from the money they earn, to spend it on the next course, but in the meantime they tend to forget most of the things they learnt in the previous course. Some of the language schools also go to train the candidates directly to the exam. The curriculum revolves only the examining substance, far from a real application of language in professional life.

But the chain of possibly unhappy connections does not stop there. If the candidates sit for an examination, the VISA date is to be registered, which will take 5 to 9 months, which in turn leads to a great loss of language skills. During the interview many things are no longer present.

This is the point where the ICC Institute starts. We train the schools, offer the manager of the school projects a supervision programme, the marketing, the standards and help with the teacher selection. For pupils, we offer a scholarship to get support in learning the language.

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