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One to five – makes a big difference

We certify schools with one to five STARS so students know what standard of quality they can gain from a language school.

The school may request ICC’s supervision and assessment to gain certifications and ratings.
The certification ranges from one to five stars, but always starts with the first star. After successful accreditation, the owner of the school receives a certification document as well as an ICC badge. The school also gets an online version of the certificate that can be used for advertising or in any purposes. The certificate goes with buttons, seals and banners and other marketing tools.

  1. ICC provides a supervision and assessment by which a certain quality standard can be achieved.
  2. The supervision’s goal is to accredit and rate each school with up to five STARS.
  3. ICC do not participate in the schools management or take over any of its operational tasks.
  4. The certification is an award, like the Michelin Star in the restaurant Industry
  5. Each certification is related to a respective supervision.
  6. The following qualification features are taken into account when it comes to certification and supervision:


Qualification features (QF)

The areas a language school will be examined and ratet

  1. Curriculum
  2. Schooling Times
  3. Certificated Teachers
  4. Quality of Standards in examinations
  5. Material used
  6. Schooling facilities
  7. Supervision of pupils
  8. Support of pupils
  9. Prices for courses
  10. Location
  11. Management
  12. Marketing

There is a list of requirements for each of the Qualification Features (QF). Each QF has several quality levels that can be achieved. The supervisor will set the standard of the level for the particular QF for the school and recommends the next requirements that will lead to an improvement and gaining the next star. The school can then gradually improve and each improvement is taken into account in the rating.


The STAR System

1st STAR – This School has done the Pre-assessment or foundation of the language school unit completed with the ICC Rules

2nd STAR – This School has done an second assessment shows a good integration process , the establishment of the standards as well as the curriculum. The school have reached at least in two Parts of the QF Standards a very good classification.

3rd STAR  – This School it is proofed that 80 percent of the candidates sucessfully passed the examination. Further criteria include a repeated assessment of the standards (QF) on a higher level in at lest 5 QF Standards.

From 3 STARS onwards, a school can be considered a premium school being able to offer the standards for the German market. This is in accordance with the standard required by German employers.

4th STAR  – The previous standards are held for a year and are exceeded by 30 percent. 85 percent of the candidates sucessfully passed the examination. The school belongs now ranges among the TOP schools and shall be specifically considered in marketing measurements.

5th STAR – All previous standards have been held for a period of three years and have widely been exceeded in two thirds of the categories. 90 percent of the candidates sucessfully passed the examination.