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Reasonable Certified Translations

How much are you paying?  

One of the major businesses of companies is now translating documents for overseas workers. It can cost tens of thousands of pesos. We heard from some candidates that they had paid an unbelievable sum of 50,000 pesos. This provides translators with an opportunity to make a lot of money, while the prices asked for are usually unacceptable and can be a real burden to the budget for those seeking translations. The issue is that all translations and certifications have to be paid by the candidates themselves.

So ICC wanted to create change for all nurses.

Still, not only do fees pose a problem, but the quality of the translations themselves does too. To our disappointment we have come across translation samples of documents in which misinterpretations of a phrase, a misplaced comma, or even sometimes one incorrect word endangered the recognition of applications in Germany.

Do not take the risk

In all cases all documents are required to be translated and certified and this must be done by a translator who is accredited from a German court. This special requirement gives many of those translators the chance to ask for high fees.

ICC recognised these issues of frequently overpriced and sometime poor quality services and insisted on improving the translation process. Its sole intend is to support those who seek translations, to smooth out the process and give peace of mind. ICC’s solutions are effective and have proven to not only keeping the translation low-cost but ensuring the quality of translation. This gives applicants the best chance of recognition.

How? The ICC has systematically trained and established a special team of translators specialised in those documents concerning health workers while partnering up with certified translators in Germany. Together they ensure great quality and affordability.

The translations are verified multiple times by certified German translators before making their way to the German authorities.


Certified Translations

ICC Plus1 Club Membership Advantage

Members of the ICC Plus1 Club enjoy the advantage of a 10% reduction in price for all their translations without compromise on quality.

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However, you do not have to become an ICC Plus1 member to benefit from our low-cost translations and quality service.

We also offer non-members a special complete package deal guaranteeing best quality translations, accepted and certified by sworn translators. We have worked hard to be able to present it far below the average market fees, because we want to see you succeed!

Information about our translation process and pricing can be received at the ICC office or via email. At any time you can visit our office as our team will help you in any way they can.

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Have a look at what other services we offer:

Recognition and Document Handling

Germany has 34 recognition authorities in 16 States; all of them slightly differentiating in requirements. Most of them demand different approaches and preparations of the necessary documents, e.g. some authorities only accept certified copies made in Germany itself.

Therefore, in some cases, it may be necessary to have originals sent to Germany first. The ICC can offer you trustworthy and safe transfers of your originals and will certify copies for you in Germany.

Whatever you require regarding the completion of translations and applications in Germany as a nurse, we can help you to ease the load. We are with you all the way.

Recognition – Requests & Applications  (CLICK HERE)


VISA Applications

Visa applications are never simple nor easy. One misplaced tick in a box might lead to a refusal. At the moment the German embassy has a 5 months waiting period for a new appointment so an initial refusal could be a potential disaster. In fact, currently more than 50% of the applications are rejected.

ICC has created solutions to this problem. We offer to have the entire VISA process carried out by a cooperation partner in Manila. This partner operates a specialized immigration office just opposite the German embassy and is used to daily dealings with the embassy. He knows all the tricks and can guarantee a professional process. Through a mutual agreement with ICC we are fortunate to have access to his service at reduced costs.

Please ask us about it. We are happy to pass this service on.

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