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What we do

Support of Nurses

Coaching, consulting, counseling and guiding  nurses who plans to live and work in Germany.

Are you a nurse and would like to move to Germany?

Granting that the relocation to Germany is undoubtedly a bona-fide goal, it is an endeavor which holds many obstacles. There are usually three or four ways to move in Germany: as a nurse, as a student, as an apprentice, or if you’re under 26 years of age, you could work as an au-pair. To immigrate to Germany as a nurse you would have to meet certain criteria and fulfill specific prerequisites to be able to get in to your profession, gain work experience and professional training that needs to be acknowledged and approved by the authorities.

This is where we come in – we will help you achieve your goal when you become a member of ICC OnePlus Club. We will support you to get all your necessary documents, organizing all your papers, filling them in, as well as taking care of all the translations. Furthermore, we will counsel and guide you on your search for employment overseas and when you arrive in Germany, as an ICC member,  you could enjoy even more advantages. You can find more about that in the ICC Website.

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Translation  Services

Certified Translations, Document Support

Translations, as well as in searching for proficient and certified translators, are expensive, especially if they are required to meet certain legal policies. As an ICC member, it is just one of your advantage to get a reasonable  and a cost effective service. ICC will provide you a team of translators who will take care of your documents to ensure you with the fairest price.

We offer professional translation services from English into German certified by the state translators including the government authentication (CTC notarization) as per requirements for government application.

Please inquire at the ICC office to on how to become a member and to benefit from this service.

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Train the Trainer, Curriculum support

ICC is concerned with and cares for the standard of the language schools. An important step is to meet and impose a German language criteria in the Philippine schools. This serves as a measure to the quality language skill that can be acquired by all students and of anyone who is interested learning the language. Further, anyone who owns a school can apply at any time for ICC supervision to improve their standards.

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Rating and Quality

When a school has been supervised by the ICC, it will be rewarded with a star rating system similar to the Michelin stars given to hotels. This star rating system openly displays the schools that  meet the required German language standards and makes them easily preferred by the students .

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